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Mont Blanc Courses

 We are now run our courses in North Wales for

What to expect on our Mont Blanc Training Course.

Well  firstly, of course , we want you to enjoy yourselves! We are based in a fantastic location near Llanberis, North Wales. Your two days with our Mountain Guides will be packed with information about climbing Mont Blanc. The course can be adapted to suit both novices and  more experienced Alpinists. As the normal guiding ratio on Mont Blanc is 2 clients to 1 Guide, this could be a chance to meet up with someone to climb with.

What we cover.

  • Alpine rope techniques.  –   From basic rope work skills to more advanced short roping techniques.
  •  Fitness levels for success.  –   Find out how fit you need to be, what it takes to get up Mont Blanc and how you can train specifically for it.
  • Timing and Tactics for climbing Mont Blanc.  –   When is the best time to go ? How do I get organized for it ?
  • Equipment for Mont Blanc.  –   The pro’s and con’s of hiring versus buying. What and where to buy/hire.
  • Coping with altitude/best ways to acclimatise.  –  Find out all about the effects of altitude, how it may effect your Mont Blanc ascent and how to avoid altitude sickness.
  •  Glacier travel and crevasse rescue.  –  How to move safely on glaciers and what to expect if you fall into a crevasse !
  • Hazards.  –  Find out what kind of hazards you may come across and how to avoid them.
  • Using Alpine huts.  –   What to expect staying in an Alpine hut.
  • Navigation & Route choice.  –  This is mainly for those thinking of going it alone but companies and Guides may also offer you a choice of routes. We will discuss the various options.
  • Alpine weather.  –  What to expect, what to wear, how to control your temperature.


Day 1

We will meet up for a chat before setting out, and check you have everything you need for the day ahead. Then we will give a short talk/presentation about Mont Blanc and go through some of the stuff that cannot be covered when on the mountains.

This day is all about moving efficiently in the mountains. We will be out all day, walking, scrambling and talking !  By spending seven or eight hours walking and scrambling you will get a feel for what is required on a Mont Blanc ascent.

Then it’s back to your accommodation for a relax. We can book a restaurant for people if everyone wishes to eat together or we can just meet up again the following morning.

Day 2

You will be in a smaller group on this day as the plan is to look at more technical skills and rope work but firstly we will meet up and take a look at the gear you will need for your Mont Blanc Ascent

Out on the mountain your Guide will show you how you will be using a rope and climbing harness to make it safer by moving roped together. You will be using this method on the glacier and on the more difficult, rocky sections of Mont Blanc.

We will put this in to practice by climbing  a roped scramble  that  is steep enough for you to have to use your hands to help you and will give you some idea of the exposure and technical standard of the climbing on Mont Blanc, although we will come across less fixed rope and cables!

Back at the course base your guide will go through anything that has not already been covered and will be available for any of those last minute questions !

We will say our goodbyes at about 4pm   Dates and Prices

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