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Training for Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc Training


‘Any training you put in beforehand will be rewarded on your summit day. The better prepared you are the more you will enjoy it !

Training for anything is always hard work but for a chance  of success on Mont Blanc you need to be as physically and mentally prepared as possible.  Good preparation will make your ascent  more fun, less exhausting and safer.

The type of exercise you will be doing on Mont Blanc is low intensity but for several hours, typically from 11 to 12 hours. For many people it is hard to fit this into an already busy life but your focus should be on cardiovascular endurance. This means walking, running, cycling and rowing etc. Build up slowly to avoid injury but aim to be doing a couple of hours at a time 4 times a week. Also try to spend some time walking in the mountains or go on long walks of 6-8 hours.  Try to start training a good couple of months before your Mont Blanc trip to give yourself plenty of time and to help avoid injury.

As recommended by most Guides and Mont Blanc course providers, long days hill walking simulates the real thing and prepares the mind better than anything.  Our Mont Blanc Training course provides that perfect opportunity to get out into the mountains.  You will be walking  uphill on rough mountain terrain carrying a rucksack just as you will be on Mont Blanc. You will get to wear a climbing harness and feel what it is like to walk with one on. You will be walking and scrambling  attached to a rope, as you will be on Mont Blanc  and you will be out walking uphill for several hours each day. Just knowing the facts about climbing Mont Blanc can be hugely beneficial and will help you prepare more effectively. Course Details   have more information on fitness on their website

Finally if you need any more convincing about the need to be well prepared for you trip read this article by a past client, Duncan B


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